How it Works

Session Break Down

Session 1: “Getting to know Me”


Session 2: “Social and Communication Etiquette”


Session 3: “Self Esteem Building and Goal Setting”


Session 4: “Look at Me Now”


We often assume that these skills are already known and/or are being taught at home and even when they are we want to reinforce the importance of things like self-care and communication which make a difference in how and if a person learns and grows.

Using our specifically designed keepsake journal, FAVOR works under a six to nine-week course that allows the mentor to guide each participant through the lesson on an individual basis. Starting with a pledge/contract each participant must sign in order to understand their responsibilities to themselves as well as the class; the session moves into etiquette and character building lessons with follow-ups on self-awareness and care, goal setting and attainment, and finally an assessment on how to continue in utilizing the lessons on their own in the future. We also provide and promote on-going FAVOR forums, which operate in a one-day workshop setting.


The one day “FAVOR Inspiration and Etiquette Forums” operates in a workshop setting compiled of four sessions for youth ages 12-18.

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